Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis week was B’s birthday! The boys were so excited to make him cards and give him silly socks for his birthday day!

Good interview strategies.

Still laughing about tales from the check-out line.

A re-invention of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. One of our favorites!

On being satisfied with your home decor.

Great ideas for fitness routines outside the gym.

Dressing for fall when it’s still ninety degrees out.

The benefits of slow travel.

Agatha Christie is hip again! I’m so trendy.

No short order cooking, thank you very much.

I love that these turkey & ricotta meatballs only have eight ingredients.

Finding great beauty products at your local drugstore.

Love this skirt + t-shirt combo.

Finally, end of the day thoughts on energy and work life balance. So true!

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