Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesOur faces when the new Instyle magazine came in the mail and it not only features one of my favorite style icons (Ms. Kerry Washington), but it also uses the color scheme I talked about in my fall style board earlier this week! #spoton

On learning outdoors.

I’m always on the search for new and innovative office supply ideas for myself and A.

At first I thought this cinnamon date shake was for date nights, but then I realized it’s called that because it has actual dates in it. Still sounds good though.

The boys have been loving watching the Olympics with A requesting updates of any Olympic coverage we watch after he goes to bed. I’m sure they would love gold medal cookies to snack on while they are watching!

I didn’t think my favorite dry shampoo could get any better, but then they went and created a volumizer. Back to Ulta!

Dressing amazing when you are super busy and also have kids to shop for and such.

So many lights! Great ideas for the ones I’m going to eventually change in our hallway.

I’m off to Whole Foods to pick up figs. Hopefully I’m not allergic to them. HA!!

Peanut butter s’mores skillet cookie. Enough said.

B’s current car ride song, the boys’ current car ride song, my current car ride song.

A fun little stamp set for making city skylines.

Loving this current illustrator’s animal comics.

T-shirt + spaghetti strap dress. Throwing it back to 1997.

What do you do with an idea? Love the idea of mapping this out with both boys.

And finally, you may be thinking, but wait you didn’t feature a baby blue element in your fall style post, well check out this JCrew sweater in Dutch Sky. Perfection!

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