Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

I tried these hummus chicken enchiladas last night and they were so yummy! It’s in that “you just have to try it to believe it” category. I used red pepper hummus, and added chopped green onions. I will definitely be making them again!

I found this blog about children’s books and was instantly addicted. It is so fun!

Love this geometric mobile.

How to teach fiscal responsibility to kids.

A sweet fourth of july party theme. My favorites are the silly sunglasses and the patriotic popcorn.

And if you are having a party, this cute red and white tee would be great for a fourth of july cook-out.

I love this little giraffe necklace.

A cute idea for DIY ombre wooden spoons, and my inspiration for the wall letters I am working on for the boys’ bathroom.

A cookbook combining Asian and American comfort food. Sounds fabulous!

This week J started making cookie monster noises whenever he saw cookie monster on tv, or his waffle box, or if you say “gimme some cookies!!” It is so hilarious, we cannot stop laughing when he does it. Makes me want to go buy this guy to go with his Elmo!

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