Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesBig swing in the park.

 Not scary tales, or fairy tales, just duck tales, woohoo!

Barrettes, beaches, bachelorette. It’s like beets, bears, and battlestar galactica…except not.

Somewhere over the rainbow….there is cake.

I can never resist classy nautical style.

Weeknight nachos, with radishes. Seriously! It’s good!

Erasable pens that are definitely on my Christmas list for A.

B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y and Honeycombs.

You better have pizza.

Schrödinger’s cat bank.

Sweet tea bars to go with B’s famous tea (we make it without sugar now).

Snacks for dinner, J would love it!

And finally, Blake Lively’s maternity style is on point.

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