Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesFunny faces with my favorite boys.

Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies…the pretzel detail on the top is the best.

Looking for a suitable bench for the end of the bed. Mainly so J can climb on our bed without attempting to do a run and leap.

A DIY project I have on my list for the curtains in our living room.

Eat, drink, nap. Yes, yes, yes.

Sandal envy.

If we could go anywhere for our tenth anniversary trip…

Food fight! On a poster…that’ll keep them busy for awhile!

If you want perfect nails, be like these girls. These girls have a lot of nail self control.

On point maxi dress style.

Perfect summer dinner is chicken gyro salad.

How the butterfly became so colorful…this should be the sequel to The Very a Hungry Caterpillar.

Shirt + Skirt combo.

Books to add to your summer reading list.

Finally, thoughts on singletasking. Otherwise known as watching a show on TV without watching a show on your iPad. I personally find nothing wrong with this.

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