Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesA waving bye to first grade! He has grown so much this year. He is the most loving, happy kid. And he loves school! His teacher, Mrs. Clark, has been wonderful. She is encouraging, kind, and helped A to excel in school! I’m hoping I’ve got enough activities, crafts, and books to keep him busy this summer. He’s already busy making his way through a stack of about twenty books my Mom sent home with him. And that’s just from yesterday!

Now on to a few favorites…

A casserole recipe that isn’t really a recipe, but a method. Smart!

Baseball. It’s the moment when your kid hasn’t gotten a hit in three games and he hits the ball and you become the mom who is jumping and yelling “run”!! It’s that moment.

What to eat before and after you exercise. I would eat lemon raspberry muffins. But that’s just me.

Styling a white tee for when it’s super hot during the day but still cooler at night. So…for today and tomorrow.

A is planning to start cub scouts this fall! Which means we are going to camp. Which means we’ll need camping supplies. This favorite brought to you by Benadryl, Allegra, Singular, Flonase, Kleenex, and Zyrtec. Not really. But kind of. Bwahahaha!

Braided bracelets DIY. For you to make while your kids make cd fish.

The sunglasses I’m going to pick up and then probably promptly misplace.

A book to put on A’s Christmas list.

And finally, hand stand goals.

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