Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Summer! It certainly feels like summer, and we had a nice loud thunderstorm last night to usher it in (and for A to yell for me from his room that the wind was too loud, and could I turn it down?). We are smoking chicken legs on the grill tonight, my favorite!

I’m sure you have already heard about this scandal, but did you know that Cap’n Crunch isn’t truly a Captain?? I have to rearrange my whole way of thinking.

I love this little clock for beside my bed, so I can see what time it is in the morning without the bright glow all night.

How to make your home more kid friendly. My favorite is the backyard chalk board.

This rain chain is next on my more involved DIY project ideas with A.

I am on to the book Cooked. Loving it so far!

Love this idea for make your own poptarts. On my list to bake with A!

Frozen strawberry limeade. Headed to get the ingredients…now!


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