Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesSetting out his toys to play.

Money advice whether you’re just out of college or a full on big kid.

Seven things you can do every day to keep your life in check (well the organizing the stuff part of it).

Prepping green beans that maybe someone in my family will eat besides me.

Serious office inspiration.

Taking acrylic letters to the next level. And by next level I mean bookends.

On living a mindful, purposeful life.

Packing prep to create less stress.

Tahini oreos. Somehow I’m reminded of the Hydrox cookies my grandparents used to keep in a tin above their fridge. I don’t know why. But they do.

Ideas on how to decompress your neck at the end of the day.

Ideas for keeping your make-up television ready. Just in case a strong storm comes through that you may need to be interviewed about. It is Spring in the south after all.

A behind the scenes rundown on SJP’s Met Gala look. Love the insight on what creates the fashion!

I thought we’d skipped spring, but based on the past few days sweater + jeans are still in my rotation.

Lemon pound cake….this used to be one of my favorite leftovers from whenever my Mom had get-togethers.

And finally, texts from Mom that create inspirational gift ideas.

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