Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesI can’t believe Spring Break is over! My favorite part was spending quality time with A and J.

Ask anybody in my house and they’ll tell you my favorite breakfast dessert are pecan sticky buns.

A master of fine arts, weaving beautiful abstract lines with vivid colors.

Unexpected places to capture photos in San Francisco.

Smart and streamlined metal troughs for our summer garden.

Another project on my summer fun list for the boys, cardboard treehouses!

Getting prepped and healthy for Spring…except for the going outside part. Me + Pollen = No thank you, outdoors.

Ten things I love about you birthday cake. On a side note…can someone explain to me how to get sprinkles to stick to the side of a cake??

What Jodie Sweetin carries in her purse…can I tell you after I read this I totally checked her memoir out from the library.

Stripes + Trench = Perfect Spring outfit and City sight seeing wear.

Probably not the best answer.

I love a good spy novel.

Side dishes to go with Easter ham.

Highlighters that add a bit of glow without making you look like you’re headed out clubbing. Which if you are, good for you! I remember that.

And finally, as promised, the inspiration for many of my Spring wardrobe ideas.

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