Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesI kind of think this book should be called “Struggling to make a decision quickly can lead to disaster.” However the more kid friendly “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” is probably a better title.

A gorgeous house tour with an amazing bookshelf system.

Of course…a dryer bag for sneakers. Ordered.

You can download the fabulous typeface of Quentin Blake (the illustrator of the current issues of Roald Dahl books).

After being disappointed with several books I’m hoping The Ramblers will be a better choice.

The day in the life of a wonderful abstract artist.

A book that lets you see the outside through it’s pages. Warm and colorful, perfect to set out on a coffee table, or flip through for needed inspiration.

Making chocolate oat cookies with the boys over Spring Break.

Simply hilarious make-up (or other stuff) bags…my fave is this one.

The secrets of being successful in life and business….definitely added to my nonfiction book list…if you want a short introduction to the ideas read this article.

Great photo tips and an app recommendation.

And finally, thisĀ sweatshirt defines my life living with three boys who are always hot.

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