Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
A discovered the love of fan fiction books. Really wish I had cashed in on the NSYNC fan fiction I wrote back in the day…it must be around here somewhere.

Surfing beetles. Includes reactions such as “NO WAY!” and “Where can I have one?” from your kiddos. And yes I know that the verb is incorrect in the last question. That’s J talking.

Nacho ordinary nacho. Get it? Okay moving on…

Learning coding while making jewelry? On my list to re-construct for Wacky Science Wednesdays this summer.

Incorporating more creativity at work.

Picking the perfect pen…a list A would love.

Gorgeous safari trip, definitely on my bucket list.

Prints! Could be my favorite Target collaboration yet.

And we thought Girl Scout cookies couldn’t be any better!

Must have jacket. Love!!

Combatting plant allergies with plants.

And finally, a dress that does all the print mixing for you.

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