Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesLazy weekend mornings…sitting side by side playing their DS’s and talking about it. Or watching Fixer Upper. Either or.

How to style your bookcase if you’re a hoarder, collector, or bookworm. Or if you just have no idea what to put on a bookcase that you bought because you thought you needed extra storage.

Artist Maja Cunningham who draws her inspiration from memories, stories, and songs.

Plaid blazer + red heels.

How to graciously say no. And if that’s not helpful, just send this.

Working on picking a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding this summer. What do you think? Dressier-midi length…or slightly more casual swing?

Cardboard boxes make the best toys.

Ideas for creating impact vignettes.

Perfect summer top.

I featured one of Herve Tullet’s books as one of J’s favorite series….I don’t always fully understand the appeal of these books because they’re so simplistic. However, read one to a child of any age and they love it and interact with it. It’s genius.


How to wear a spring dress before it’s spring weather.

A picked out a Pokemon poster at his school book fair and my husband said “Pokemon...the legend continues“. HA!

Well if Victoria Beckham is wearing white sneakers….

A fun way to spruce up basic terracotta planter pots.

Spicy and sweet apple sandwich.

Easter outfit and Easter basket ideas. I love organization!

And finally, my favorite ballerina’s beauty routine. Love her!

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