Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesJ is FOUR! More pictures to come next week, but I especially loved this little gem of J wearing his new Spiderman sunglasses.

I always have an eye out for a new cookbook, especially one that combines techniques and recipes.

A spin on our favorite sweet potato soup recipe.

Valentine books, that would be all new to the boys.

Well hello there, baby I do not know…

Creating a watercolor picture of your kiddos favorite lovey.

Loving Dakota Johnson’s waves. 

Two words: tiny hedgehog.

Chef’s Table: My new favorite Netflix show.

A digital photo scrapbook page, love!

DIY Instagram accounts to follow and be inspired by.

I laughed out loud reading this lighting article…because we have these lights and call them as such!

Marshmallow activity fun! This is right up my alley for stuff to do with the boys on the weekends and after school.

And finally, this fantastic clock.

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