Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Sometimes the most perfect picture comes from a very unexpected place. When I was moving a side box out to vacuum (that is normally in front of those cords, no we do not let our kids play with those, thanks), J scrambled underneath the desk to grab one of his most coveted favorites: a can of tennis balls. I randomly had my camera sitting on the bed because I had been taking pictures of window cleaning (HA!) and snapped this picture before I moved him out away from the cords.

This picture is so classically J; the piercing blue eyes, wisps of blonde hair, and that pout lipped little stare, with his arms gripping tightly to his treasure. Perfection. This is one of my favorites of the week.

Continuing on…here are some of my favorite reads and finds from the week. Happy Friday!

One of my grad school friends and fellow bloggers did a great post review about the book Desperate: Hope for the Mom that Needs to Breathe.

On reheating frozen bread. In case you couldn’t resist those two huge artisan french loaves from Costco. Just saying.

Speaking of grad school, when I was there one of my professors gave me a book about writing, and it started my love of books about writing. This one is on my list.

Sesame noodles. Or as A calls it, spaghetti without the red sauce.

A cute pair of espadrilles.

My worst road trip snack idea is always a chocolate bar. I always end up getting one some place and I always end up getting it on myself. Here are a few more

Bunnies snuggling on a hotel bed. No, I’m serious.

Jute bins for storing random toys, blankets, etc.

Some tips to know for cooking with cheese.

Quirky fish coasters, which I really think would go well in our house, and if J threw them I’m pretty sure no one would get injured.

In the words of Sheldon Cooper, you’re sitting in my spot.

And…what game night is like at our house according to the Jordans. I found it to be amazingly accurate. HA!

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