Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWell, this is rare.

I stumbled across a great reading blog with a great book idea for J. Rhino crash!

How B feels when it snows.

We’re going to need a lot more snow to make snow cream. Otherwise it’s going to be dirt and grass cream.

A discussion about your favorite age to parent.

A journal that makes you happy. Mine would be filled with lists and organization ideas, so I don’t know how it couldn’t be happy.

Healthier desserts that are still delicious.

A museum idea for our California trip this summer.

How kids learn through traveling. I’m surprised they neglected to include “the lesson that you can’t get off a plane once it starts”.

Thoughts on work and kids.

A debut novel that sounds impassioned and intriguing.

A sunny clementine cocktail to warm up your winter.

Closet basics to pick up whenever you find them. Mine are these jeans, these tanks, this hoodie.

And finally, a Birkin bag is better than buying gold. Or stocks. Makes sense.

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