Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesMy boys and my sister’s boys all had hair cuts at the same time this week. A was sitting in a chair playing a game and my nephew J just hopped up with him and started watching. Love it! Sweet boys!

A brief history of that croissant you’re eating for breakfast. And by the way…you’re eating croissants without me??

Colorful meringue pops for J’s puppy party with all the colors.

The top I’m thinking about picking up to wear for J’s birthday party. What’d you think, green or pink?

My favorite DIY that I’ve seen for a baby shower.

Terrific ideas for organizing and decluttering your space. I would be elated to just get some of the Rubbermaid bins out of our closet.

Food items you shouldn’t put in the garbage disposal. They should’ve included “spoon thrown by three year old into sink that fell into the garbage disposal and you didn’t realize that it was there.”

More book ideas for the new year! I love having an on going list of books to read.

A moon and stars slumber party! So sweet! I especially love the powdered donuts, as would the boys.

Flares + V-Neck Sweater = Winter throwback perfection.

A ominously gorgeous beach in San Francisco.

Caring for indoor plants has never been easier!

A beautifully modern house that uses graphic and bold colors mixed with grays.

What’s in your artist toolbox?

We watch quite a few serious television shows! I’d love to throw a fresh comedy into the mix.

Fresh takes on the Pantone colors of the year. Personally I don’t think I can resist the Hunter boots.

Classic 60s style inspiration.

An insightful review of an intriguing book about entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

And finally, the one question that you should always ask about every new job. Great for sharing with my business communication class!

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