Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThese boys love to draw, color, and create.

I need more of these examples in my life (just match this, with this, with this). Thank you!

I want to buy all the pillow covers. And the coffee cup that says “I know!”

What is the world coming to when people are trying to make bug granola bars happen. Oh and by the way…Screech totally introduced that in an episode of Saved By the Bell. Sorry, hipsters.

This dress + This sweater = Fall perfection.

On Thanksgiving, we are going to sit down with these cut-outs and be like “okay kids, we have just a simple ten step craft to put together”. That’ll keep them occupied for a while.

The social life of a Mom. Otherwise known as “let’s hang out while we volunteer for something for the kids”. I think it’s called “joining a committee”.

Perfect holiday dinner wear…and I already have this shirt in my cart.

I love a home that exudes a sense of joy and happiness.

Gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o in a statement coat.

Applesauce cake. Basically a caramel apple made into a cake sounds fabulous.

A different spin on a photo book

And finally, a holiday drink! Cheers!

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