Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesFort Building Level: Pro.

 Well, if Mindy Kaling tells me to read it

Candle decor that is a little bit spooky, but also classy at the same time.

Can one need a tweed vest? They can if it is amazing.

On finding the perfect biscuit in New York. Is that like getting your salsa in New York City? You decide.

Making a fun and festive kids’ table for Thanksgiving.

Where to shop in Venice…supposing that I go one day.

A wild animal confetti party….I could totally re-use stuff from J’s birthday last year to make this happen!

Halloween books to read with your kiddos…our favorite is “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything”.

Wait, a broiler isn’t just for burning hamburger buns?

Dressing up menswear, perfect for a Holiday party.

Another option for using the pumpkin drill B got me.

An amazing glassware store that I could NEVER take the boys to.

A book club post that inspired me to read this book.

And finally, I saw this dress and immediately went to Nordstrom online and bought it in maroon. Yea for fall! Or something like it…it’s still in the seventies here.

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