Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites/ Popsicle Ingredients

A and I are prepping to make Popsicles today, I’ll share our recipe soon! In other news….

Astronauts are cool. Enough said.

At A’s end of the year party yesterday I was discussing with some of the Mom’s the limitless energy of boys…so here are some tips on getting more energy.

A really lovely post about the writing method (this is a MUST read if you love writing).

This article may convince me to restart the sit-up challenge B and I had going a few months ago.

If you REALLY love Minecraft…this decor may be up your alley. I on the other hand am happy to pretend tunnel to nowhere (while actually pinning things to pinterest) while B deals with zombies, bwahaha.

Baked risotto…on my list to make this weekend!

Terrific summer sandals.

This weekend I am going shopping with my Mom and sister. These Gap shorts, TMNT shirt for A, and zebra shirt for J are on my list. (You MUST check out the zebra shirt…it is hilarious!)

DIY Porch Pillows….super simple and cute.

Memorial Day preschooler craft.

Upon seeing this, my husband turned to me last night and said “We have got to go to New York this weekend!”

Happy Friday!

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