Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesIt only took ten fall ball games to figure out that a ring pop lasts a lot longer than a lollipop. Oh, in case you are having outfit deja vu, this is J’s current favorite outfit. If he gets to pick, this is it. I have a feeling it’s going to go in the same box as A’s Curious George shirt one day.

 Partying in the redwoods. This reminds me of a wonderful “birthday party in the deep dark woods” that A was invited to this summer.

And speaking of birthday’s, J saw this picture and said it was exactly what he wants for his birthday.

Farm-stylish decorating.

Baked potato soup, perfect for chilly fall evenings. This is a spin on one of my sister’s family’s favorite soups.

Ethereal jumpsuit.

I may be past the point of allusiveness, but here is a way to disguise tired eyes.

Who knew the man bun was steeped in such controversy?

A roasted eggplant and orzo pasta perfect for a transition between summer to fall.

Classic outfit combination.

An artist who creates floral art from every day food items. I love the trick of the eye when you see it.

On building a bigger table, not a higher fence.

And finally, chocolate chip cookie cake. You’re welcome.

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