Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesB took J to soccer on Thursday and after getting homework done A and I sat together and watched Fixer Upper while playing Mario Maker. Best introduction to the almost weekend.

A ballerina’s instagram that is both creative and endlessly inspiring.

On becoming the cool Mom through your own creativity. I hope one day the boys are that inspired by the canvases that decorate our house.

Ways to better commit ideas to memory. Great ideas for everyday and for introducing theoretical concepts to my students.

My Mom told me when the boys started school to ask them specific questions about their day beyond “how was your day?” Good to have some more question ideas.

Setting a bright table for entertaining. Thanksgiving is coming!!

Sharing the love of books and bookstores.

Great little wooden cards to take on hikes with J.

A devotional book to add to A’s Christmas list.

I have a hard time making weekend breakfasts now that B can actually eat. Making him a spin on his regular oatmeal would be a fun idea.

If we pick up art in the afternoon again next summer, I’m thinking we need some artsy binders.

A happiness mantra.

Skirts + Sweaters for fall. Is anyone else hearing the Cake song “Short Skirt Long Jacket” in their mind right now? Just me? Okay, moving on…

And finally, Ruth Reichel has a new cookbook coming out! I’m excited. Check out her interview about cooking, hosting, and all the in between.

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