Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesJ wearing his official soccer practice shirt (as decided by J). Makes me wish I had bought a duplicate four years ago, so I’d have less laundry to do. HA!

Grown-ups need back to school supplies, too.

A fancy little DIY canvas hanger for magazines, or comic books.

One of the boys’ favorite things to do at the end of dinner is share the knock knock jokes they have made up. I love the idea of including little jokes in their lunchboxes (mainly A, since J, you know, can’t read) for them to share with their friends.

Frozen hot chocolate that claims to be better than Serendipity’s is frozen hot chocolate to try.

An incredibly simple weekend activity for when the boys get boooorrreeeeddd.

Gooey cake just sounds like something that needs to be made and eaten quickly.

A fiesta of a party!

The importance of incorporating business in creativity driven industries, like fashion design. A great read for my business communication majors!

Such a cool activity kit for boys, I’m thinking about stowing it away for Christmas.

Summer end outfit + a hair cut that may convince me to cut my hair. Maybe.

Fourteen different ways to wear a white tee + jeans.

A first words book to create for your little bitty, or as a memory book for your big kid.

We’re digging a hole…a phrase that I often hear when the boys are out playing in the backyard.

Stop stressing over weeknight dinners…and make a skillet lasagna.

How education inspires creativity.

And finally, an amazing playhouse.

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