Friday favorites

Friday FavoritesSnuggles and stories before nap time.

I am always excited to find an article that provides thought provoking questions to share with my students. How to Live Wisely provided perfect material for my first day of classes.

Alabama love in San Francisco.

Perfect crock pot lasagna for the night that A has baseball practice. Another plus? Every part of it, B can eat. No substitutions! Sweet!

As I’m drinking amazing peach iced tea from The Marketplace Cafe, I can’t help thinking we need to savor all the peach recipes we can before the season is over!

Food that feeds your hair. I mean you have to eat it…and then it helps your hair. Apparently.

Chocolate Oreo ice cream pie. Yes, please!

I love this DIY Lucite frame, and I especially love that it involves getting kids to help create it. Such a cool art project!

I’m trying to figure out things to take for lunch once I go back to work…take out noodles sounds like a tasty option.

I laughed until I cried reading Jim Gaffigan’s Food: A Love Story. If that’s not enough of a recommendation, I don’t know what is!

Kangaroos need teddy bears, too.

Beauty and the back story.

All the rain yesterday had me dreaming of fall.

And finally, the best thing I got out of the debates last night was a break down of who used the best and worst logos, ethos, and pathos. Thanks for the class material!

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  1. Love, love, love the first one. I’ll also be using it in class now (I’m thinking along the lines of picking topics that are meaningful and using this as a starting point)! Thanks for sharing!!!

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