Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesGetting in morning Mario play time before summer vacation is over!

Homeowners who color block their books for organization are my fave.

Happy belated birthday, Disneyland.

Breakfast burritos are our new favorite throw together dinner. With this recipe I had enough left-over to freeze several ones to warm-up for breakfast!

A sharp rectangle tote, and the added little scarf on the handle is perfection.

Do you remember the “very special episode” TV features from the eighties and nineties? Apparently they are out of style. But how will the next generation learn about the dangers of caffeine pills??

For birthdays: minimal work garland & work free garland.

Eat, shop, & see in San Francisco.

Starting your day better. You’re still not going to get me to exercise first thing in the morning.

Genius road trip binders.

Sorry, scorpions.

Another reason I’m excited about Whole Foods opening in our city.

So, don’t put your phone in your back pocket and then sit on it. Are we still doing this? With 300 dollar phones? Really? In other news…I wonder if that ever happened with Zach Morris’ cell phone.

Pretty sure the only way you will get me camping is if I’m staying in a condo near a camp-esque area. HA!

In opinion news: I tried Bumble & Bumble’s new air dry creme and give it an “eh”. Their regular styling creme is still better. Why mess with a good thing?

And finally…a robot paper doll chain to give kids something to do for that last week of them saying “I’m bored!”

Happy Friday!

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