Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesA swimming on his own across the pool = swim lesson success.

San Francisco on my mind…and not just because Full House is one of my favorite shows. HA!

Perfect summer dinner…anybody know of a soy, carrot, celery, sunflower, and onion free tortellini I could buy?

A bookshelf to move towards replacing our bulky TV console…maybe I could sneak it in.

A look that could easily move from summer into fall…meaning multiple uses for key pieces. Sweet!

A perfect card for the boys to send out. Or a ninja turtle.

You say skillet brownies, I say, “when and where?”

A fun little kitchen print for summer.

On taking the metaphorical and literal scenic route with your kids.

A packing list to put on the fridge while planning for a summer get away.

And finally, fanny packs. Seriously?

Have a great weekend!

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