Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWhen they pick out the same shirt so they can match and then they hug each other instead of trying to wrestle.

The perfect pink lipstick for summer.

Lemon lavender hand pies…I can add this to my list of “desserts B can eat and would also meet the qualifications of desserts our game night friends would enjoy”.

A great piece on the pros of traveling with your kids.

Summer shopping look…the gold cuffs were my favorite.

All the lovely and colorful parts of San Francisco.

My summer shoe…and at the price you could pick two!

One of my favorite party idea blogs now has it’s own shop! My current favorite is the honeycomb ice cream cones….I kind of want to do an ice cream sundae party for J just around those!

Chicken & Potatoes, Fish & Potatoes. Two different meals, connected not only by their use of potatoes, but also that they are delicious and simple.

Cecily Brown’s abstract garden paintings are bright, colorful, and inspiring of more art in the afternoon projects.

Capturing catchlights.

And finally, kitchen skills to master as a home chef.

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