Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesA reading bedtime stories to J.

The color treatment I am asking for at my next hair appointment.

How to layer a room to make it looked lived in, loved, and stylish.

Peanut butter bars that I know would be an instant hit with the boys.

Seriously adorable DIY paper plants…the only plants we aren’t allergic to. Unless of course, it’s scented paper. Hahaha.

The basics of making a quesadilla with several great combination ideas. For the boys it’s always the “crisp” factor of the tortilla.

Moon phase pinatas out of left over cereal boxes. Genius!

A divine meyer lemon mousse with blackberries. As I continue to collect recipes in hopes my neighbors have an overage of meyer lemons to share…

So you want extra credit? Please tell me more about how you didn’t do the regular credit.

Love, love, love.

A rainy day hair style that I loved, until I tried it on my own hair and realized it was exactly how I used to do my hair when I was seven. However, I still wore it out. Boom.

So I’m loving several pieces from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection…however, I don’t really want to have to get up at midnight when they go on sale in order to get them. They should have a pre-order. Or a “I promise not to re-sell it on Ebay to incoming college freshmen sorority hopefuls, who are hoping no one will notice this is Lilly Pulitzer for Target, not actual Lilly Pulitzer, because their parents said they were not paying 300 dollars a dress for actual Lilly Pulitzer, despite them saying the persuasive phrase “BUT MOM”.

And finally…simple cake, big impact. Perfection.

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