Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe art of working vigorously on a dirt and worm factory.

A great little sorting activity for J with bulk erasers that you can pick up at the dollar section in Target.

On harnessing the wind and already adding a book to my summer reading list.

An article all about faded rugs, but what I’m coveting is the tiny surfboard in the first photo.

A smart packing guide for Europe that I’m going to keep in mind for when we finally go…in about fifteen years. HA!

Yes, I know it’s spring. However, this lovely little backyard Halloween picnic has me thinking how fun it would be to combine with a movie night for all the boys in the fall.

A nifty scarf hanger for fluffy, light spring scarves.

Isn’t it fun to be little and already start planning your next birthday, right after you have a birthday? That’s what A has been doing since October 17th. And right now it includes Minecraft.

Fears be gone.

A post about bicycle accessories that is not at all humorous, but for some reason I was laughing while I read it. Pretty sure it was the bicycle helmet disguised as a straw hat.

A guy who knows more about butter than Paula Deen.

A salad that combines A & I’s favorite vegetables: cucumber & avocado. Already putting the ingredients on my list for lunch next week.

And finally, wrong theory.

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