Friday Christmas Shopping

Since my sister and I were teenagers we have gone with my Dad to Christmas shop for my Mom every year. We are supposed to help him stay within a budget per my Mom’s instructions. HA! This year we took all the boys and my Mom came too, so she could do some shopping on her own. We usually time our shopping (I think our best was 2 hours…did I mention how fast my Dad can walk through a store?). However, this year we found that shopping with all the boys has significantly changed how quickly we can shop. We left at 9 and arrived back at my parents at 3 p.m. ….exhausted! But it was a very fun day, and the boys loved getting to go to lunch, and they saw Santa Claus! Super A told him he wanted “chicken nuggets and french fries”. I managed to capture a few photos with my cellphone of our lunch and Santa Claus meeting.

The boys watching Santa walk around the restaurant. They were so excited!

My nephew talking with Santa. Super A refused to sit with him…but that was better than screaming and crying like last year.

Waiting for lunch. Little boys never do well at waiting for anything.

Super A was more interested in his apple juice than a picture.

Little J was also more interested in his apple juice than the picture.

And one more picture!

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