Friday (*Ahem Saturday) Favorites

Friday FavoritesI’m running a bit behind on my Friday Favorites post, but better late than never! The boys are busy enjoy all of their little Valentine’s surprises, especially a new Minecraft pig and a silly little billy goat.

Deep dish pizza that you can make at home (*tip: for the boys I made it with just a little bit of sauce and more cheese on top, so they could eat it more “traditional style”).

Pop of pink + dressy casual = has me dreaming of Spring.

A boy’s room that mixes blues and greens brilliantly…and kind of has a graphic minecraft feel to it that A would LOVE.

How to give the perfect toast (*best tip: keep it short.).

Beer chicken chili that would be perfectly warming to have on a cold night.

Apparently Taylor Swift feels really strongly about brunch.

Is my decor sense totally off that I think we need robot nesting dolls in our living room?

When kids wear tutus, they look like littleĀ ballerinas. When adults wear tutus, they look like escaped mental patients. I might have laughed all day about that.

The science behind how children learn to read.

A perfect little blanket ladder that would look great in our living room…and you can make it yourself.

Cinnamon roll granola sounds like a wonderful breakfast treat.

Amazing libraries that I would love to take the boys to see.

And finally, an art project that is for Valentine’s, but I’m saving it for the summer.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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