French Dip Croissants with Homemade Au Jus

I found this recipe on Pinterest. I was particularly excited about this recipe because it comes with a recipe for homemade au jus sauce. I stopped getting the canned au jus when I read on the package that it has MSG in it. We have had just beef broth with our french dip sandwiches in the past, but this was much tastier.

French Dip Croissants with Homemade Au Jus

It makes me laugh that somehow whenever I take food pictures I am still using the dishes my sister gave me from college. And the reflection of the light in the sauce is so lovely! We’ve had a lot of spinach salad this past week, obviously. The only thing I would do a little differently was the croissants were not quite cooked enough. Next time I am going to try lowering the temperature twenty five degrees and cooking an extra five minutes.

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