Fourth of July Canvases

Fourth of July CanvasI picked up two 8 x 10 canvases at Hobby Lobby the other week (for 3.99 a two pack!), and came up with a quick and simple Fourth of July art project for the boys.

All I did was paint the canvases white and then let it dry for about two hours (you can do this in advance, like a day or two before). Then I applied painter’s tape (I actually ran out and had to use masking tape for A’s) to the canvases:

Fourth of July CanvasesAnd then the boys painted them red. J painted the whole thing (sides included), while A kept his sides white:

Fourth of July CanvasesAnd then we let the red paint dry for several hours. Then in the afternoon when the boys needed something to do, we stamped on our stars:

Fourth of July CanvasJ did just a couple stars, while A wanted lots and lots of stars. After they dried we displayed them with the rest of our Fourth of July decorations:

Fourth of July CanvasesYou can find the framed print here. The canvases are a cute & simple way to celebrate the holiday!

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