Four Years

On January 23rd (24th?) five years ago my good friend Ashley invited me to a party at her apartment. Earlier that evening Ashley and I had attended a dance concert (one of her requirements for a class). She invited me to a party later and for once I agreed. I rarely attended undergraduate parties as I was a graduate teacher and not interested in the chance of running into one of my students out. At the party that night I met this guy. This guy who called me Kate for most of the night (not by accident), who had on a faded Auburn ball cap, and told me he was a senior in aerospace engineering and actually my age (minus two weeks!).

I got a text message from him the next day, and then another, and it turned into a date. Our first official date was at longhorn steakhouse, but before that day I remember a very memorable time of eating taco bell and watching Red Eye. By that point in my life I had dated enough of the wrong guys to know the right one when he came along. After a few short months, we got engaged, and six months after that we got married. It was perhaps a bit of whirlwind relationship for our families, but we were very certain of each other from the beginning.

We spent our years at Auburn him as a graduate student, me as a full time teacher, eating at Amsterdam’s every Friday night, Mellow Mushroom on Saturday’s, having Wii Weekends, him studying, me grading mountains of papers, and bemoaning having only one bathroom in our tiny apartment.

Now we spend our time chasing an active, dramatic, and too intelligent for his own good two year old, me working part time, him working full time, reading books, playing play-doh, and watching movies at home instead of seeing them in the theater.

Through the past four years my husband can now shred chicken, grate cheese, watches cooking shows, and Project Runway. Through the past four years I can now tell you the difference between 720 and 1080P, can successfully take down enemy combatants in several different video games, and have watched every Battlestar Galactica episode.

My husband is someone who is very sincere, exceptionally goofy at home, and the person who makes my son giggle all the time. The past four years of our marriage has included many changes and is all part of an adventure that I am so happy to be a part of.

With all that being said I invite you to take a very short walk with me down memory lane of our relationship (this is not in any sort of chronological order)….

Our First Anniversary in New York City

I think “Awkward” sums up our feelings about having our picture taken together. Which is usually why we end up with these types of pictures.

This is one of my husband’s favorite pictures. I think I was excited because I beat him in a video game. It rarely happens.

Happy Fourth Anniversary! December 29th 2010.

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