For the love of reading…

ReadingIt’s starting. Fall sickness, that is. It always sneaks into our house quietly and unexpectedly, and then BAM. J had an ear infection three weeks ago (Yes he has tubes. Yes you can still get ear infections if you have tubes), that then turned into a cold, that then has turned back into problems with his ears. A has had sinus and allergy problems for the past three to four weeks that really have never cleared up, that turned into a sinus infection, that then turned into croup, that he started recovering from on meds, and then spun into a high fever.

Like traveling with them sick, it’s something that we prepare for. Meds, check! Wash hands twenty plus times a day, check! Activities for them to do (because as you know, they really only act sick about a quarter of the time they are sick). Which brings me to reading.

I love this picture I took of A and J-O pouring over a Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. They were going through each picture and discussing who the character was, and then they picked the characters they were going to be, grabbed their lightsabers, and they were off on an adventure. That’s the power of reading. One of the things that I love about all the boys (my sister’s and mine), is how they read and incorporate books in all of their games. From the time that they were very little we would find them with books that they used as treasure maps, instruction guides, and various other purposes.

When A started running a fever last night, the first thing he asked me (after bemoaning that he wasn’t going to get to go to Granna and Papa’s on Tuesday), was if we could read some more of the Star Wars book, because he had some “planning” to do for the next time his cousins came over. Reading = Strategy Creation. And on that note, I hear sneezing. I’m off to grab some more tissues. Happy Tuesday!

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