Fly Like an Airplane

It always makes me wonder how things become a routine at our house. We have certain routines, but Super A also creates routines of his own. Every morning Super A has orange juice while I have my coffee and we play freight trains. After Super A’s nap he wants a snack and one episode of Special Agent Oso or Little Einsteins. During dinner (or right after depending on the night) we turn on Jeopardy because Super A reminds us. And when my husband gets home from work he flies Super A through the house like an airplane while Super A laughs manically. Every night. Super A reminds him if he forgets. So I took a few pictures of this flying….

Just a blur!

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  1. Looks like fun! These routines make the best memories. I used to play “Super Baby” with Brian and Harry used to carry him upside down up the stairs to bed (like a sack of ‘taters).

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