Flower boxes

Each year when we plant herbs, flowers, and veggies, I like to switch up how we create our garden. This year my plan was to use several of our basic pots and then have each of the boys create their own garden boxes.

I saved two cardboard boxes and gathered a couple of supplies:

Cardboard BoxesI wrapped each of the boxes with brown packing paper, similar to how you would wrap a present, just cutting and taping to the inside, so it was open at the top.

Brown paper wrapping Cardboard BoxAfter they were wrapped, the boys colored them and put their names on them:

Coloring the boxesThen I created some drain holes in the bottom of each box using an exacto-knife:

Cutting drain holesAnd then the boys filled the bottom with a few small rocks:

Filling with rocksAnd then added dirt on top:

Adding dirtThen the boys and I decided which seed packet needed to go in which boxes:

Adding seedsJ’s garden box has two herbs (tarragon and basil), and A’s garden box has two flowers (small sunflowers and zinnias). The largest pot is for kale, the medium pot has J’s flowers (lavender and zinnias), and the smallest pot has mint (because mint takes over EVERYTHING, and thus needs its own pot).

And after all their planting we gave the plants a little watering:

WaterAnd waited for the April rains to do their magic.

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