Flourless chocolate cake

For B’s birthday this weekend he requested chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I let him pick out the ice cream brand (he likes Bryers…I prefer Ben&Jerry’s, but it was his birthday!), and picked out the type of chocolate cake.

I went with a flourless chocolate cake because it is similar to a brownie (which B likes), but is a bit lighter in density. It turned out so good! And it is one layer which means no chance of not being level (as many of my two layer cakes are).

Since it turned out so well, I thought I would share my process. The recipe is from Real Simple. I picked the recipe because it looked easy to follow (which I like). However I personally think these two ingredients made the recipe:

Ingredients I splurged and got Ghiradelli chocolate. Because it’s delicious.

IMG_3178 So the first thing you do is slowly melt the butter, cream, and chocolate chips (the recipe calls for a crushed chocolate bar, but I used the chips. Less mess, and it turned out the same).

IMG_3179Then you consult the recipe…I had to share that this is the way I usually use recipes (from my iPad…thanks to my Dad! No more having to print out every recipe from the laptop).

IMG_3181Then you whisk together the rest of the ingredients…and I suggest using a whisk from Anthropologie. You’ll feel classy. HA!

IMG_3182And butter a springform pan and cover with cocoa powder and tap off the excess in the sink.

IMG_3185Once the heated chocolate/butter mixture is cool whisk it into the egg/cocoa powder mixture. Make sure it’s cool so you don’t scramble your eggs.

IMG_3187 Then pour it in the pan and cook it at 350 for 35-40 minutes until set (mine took 40 mins).

IMG_3189Then let it cool in the pan for an hour.

IMG_3196And top with powdered sugar, once fully cool!

Flourless chocolate cakeAnd that’s it!

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