Five things on a Tuesday

1. A had fun dip for the first time this weekend. He asked for a thousand more packets. No, we are not getting him a thousand more. For the amount of time it took me to brush that stuff out of his teeth, he isn’t eating it again for awhile. And yes, I’m sure he is going to be mad that I posted this picture when he is 16. IMG_50502. I made these rolls this weekend. They were incredibly labor intensive, but if you are looking for a show stopping roll, these are it. They were AMAZING.

IMG_50653. I made the boys berry and kale smoothies on Saturday. I thought they tasted “spinachy” and later found out why…

IMG_5058B bought a box that says I Heart Baby Kale….which is a mix of kale, spinach, and greens. B said he feels hoodwinked as a consumer.

4. The boys got to pick a special dessert on Saturday (Hence the Fun Dip), and J picked:

IMG_5053Chips. Is anyone surprised by this? He also picked a mini candy bar, that he drove around in one of his Hot Wheels trucks.

5. This is where J posts himself whenever A is in the bathroom.

IMG_4815-001He loves his brother just a little bit. HA! Happy Tuesday!

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