First trail of 2015

trail 3

This past Sunday, even though it was drizzling and cloudy, the boys needed to get out of the house. We decided it was a good opportunity to try a path that we can’t go on in the spring our summer because it is too overgrown. So out we headed with plenty of snacks and two lollipops.

trail 4It was waaay colder than we had predicted, but the boys were total troopers and we made it the whole 1.7 mile loop. They were excited about this particular loop because it has a little “cave”. A brought along his binoculars so he could see if there was anything inside the cave from a safe distance, and look for birds and squirrels.

trail trail 2

We expected it to be cold, however, we did not expect to see so much ice left over from our deep freeze a week ago. We found ice chunks that were 2-3 inches thick, and good portions of the water areas were still frozen solid. The boys found the ice endlessly fascinating and wanted to test each piece they came upon on the trail, and toss sticks to see how far they would slide across the water areas.

trail 5 trail 6

I learned that I’m going to be wearing my heavy gloves for the rest of the winter when we go hiking and a lollipop lasts for about 1/4 of a mile for J. HA!

trail 7

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