First day/last day

A on his first day of school in August 2013:

First Day of SchoolAnd his last day of school on Friday:

Last Day of SchoolCan you believe how much he has grown?! He looks like such a big kid now! Here is a short list of the many things A has mastered in his last year of preschool:

He is starting to read simple books, and reading/recognizing lots of words.

He colors wonderfully in the lines of pictures. He loves drawing and coloring with markers, chalk, crayons, and pencils.

He can do simple addition and subtraction and recognizes small amounts in groups without having to count them individually.

He knows MANY stories from the Bible and frequently tells them to us, his brother, his cousins, aunts, uncle, grandparents, and people at Target. “Hey would you like to hear the story of Moses?”

He still loves to sing as much as he did when he was two, and has a repertoire of songs from his music teacher…plus one I am apparently supposed to learn from her and teach to him….I better get on that!

He is working on writing and tracing and can write his name. He came home with two workbooks from school and told me (very seriously) that this is his summer homework and he needs to get it done before school starts again.

We are so proud of you, A! I can’t wait for all the things you will learn and accomplish in Elementary School!

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