First day of school surprises

Well it’s not the beginning of the year I (or any of us probably) could have ever predicted, but we are going to attempt to create as normal of a school year start as we possibly can. The boys will be starting the first nine weeks remotely which means we spent this past week and weekend making sure the kids could access their learning platforms and necessary resources to start the school year. Each of the boys has a weekly schedule that looks like this:

I have written on it when each “live” teacher session is, so they are prepared to switch at each time. In addition, I created a “master schedule” on card stock and laminated it for them that essentially plans out their school day from start to end. We also made a master copy of things like passwords and other login information so we can find things quickly. I always pick up some sort of back to school surprises for the boys, and this year was no exception:


They are each getting a lap desk to give them space to work elsewhere if they get tired of sitting at their desk, a new little peep to cheer them on, and a stack of new books since reading is an assignment in both of their classes. A is in middle school now (I can hardly believe it!), so J is the only one still in elementary with one teacher. I got his teacher this year a book stack as well, because I know she likes reading!

And in another move of the weird year this is, I haven’t been school supply shopping yet! I had general supplies left over from the Spring for the boys, so we are starting with those. I’m checking each of A and J’s syllabi as they become available and I’m making a master list to order it all from Target (and the music book and stand from Amazon) tonight.

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