First Baseball Game

Thanks to Granna and Papa and a company picnic, Super A got to experience his very first minor league baseball game! We were not sure how it was going to go (a lot of sitting, which is not Super A’s style), but there was music and of course cousins! Super A did so well! He sat with M for a good three innings, except for when they hopped up to dance whenever music played (and music played a lot).

Super A’s angst at continually being told not to lean against the fence.


Little J’s short stint at the game. Little J sits for no one…HA! Perhaps if they had let him run the bases…

Oh there we are. I have a very similar picture to this from about five years ago.

Ahh the toothy smile.

Watching the game. Very serious.

Dancing during the intermission (do they call it an intermission in baseball?)

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