First and Last Day of School

Okay ready? Here is A’s first day of school picture (August 2012):


And the picture I took today from his last day of school (May 2013):

First and Last Day of School

Talk about changing in a blink of an eye! He looks like such a big boy now, a kid! Here are some stats on A and what he has learned this year:

– A is wearing a size 10 shoe, and 5T shirts and 4T shorts (and he can ride almost all the rides at Disney World….I am figuring in about a year so will J at the rate he’s growing…road trip!)

– A is most interested in playing castle outside, building Legos, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and playing Mario Brothers. He is up to the third level of Mario Brothers on both the Wii and the DS which is pretty ridiculous for his age.

– A is a true showman for his brother, he will do almost anything to make J laugh and dance (singing, dancing, pretending to fall, you name it!).

– I asked A the other day what he wanted to be when he was a grown-up and he said he wants to be a teacher like me, so he can be with me everyday, FOREVER. Bwahaha. And yes I am so using that when he is fifteen and all like “leave me alone, Mom”. I will say “remember when you wanted to be with me FOREVER?” HA!

– A went in to this year of preschool knowing his colors, but now he knows how to spell them (thanks to some terrific songs from his music teacher…she’s awesome!), and has a pretty good understanding of color mixing (blue/red = purple, so on).

– A is starting to really take off on reading. He is getting a handle of being able to pick out words on the page, and he does great with picture word association.

– A is working on writing and he makes a pretty good A. We are working on him slowing down enough to try to write the rest of his name and other letters.

– His drawings are beginning to have form and purpose and he always has a story to tell of what he has drawn and why.

– He has a really good knowledge (for his age) of different Bible stories, and his interpretation of the stories are pretty hilarious at times. Especially the story that he told about how Jesus said (and I quote): “Look people, I am trying to heal everyone but sometimes you have just gotta move on.”

– I think A would tell you his favorite part of preschool this year is putting shapes and plastic bugs in play doh, reading books, running at recess, and learning lots of new songs to share at home.

– What I have really loved seeing this year is how A has grown socially. Although we have days that are crazy, and days he is VERY dramatic, it has been nice to see all that we have been working on (and that he’s been working on at school) sinking in. He was wonderful at our friends’ wedding this past month, and he has been overall consistently polite and kind when we are out at restaurants and stores (except for the JCrew incident in Destin that will remain nameless). I know that part of that change is from what we do at home, but part of it is also how terrific his preschool is. I really can’t say enough good things about it!

– This fall A will start his last year of pre-K and I am excited to see all the ways he will grow from this fall to next spring. I am also excited to be able to have a summer with the boys to run through the sprinkler, bake treats, and make pizza from scratch!

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