Fill those shelves!

So B completed a project for me this weekend….

ShelvesOur shelves from Ikea are up! After putting them up, I set two books on them and B said, “so do you want me to get the rest of the stuff?” And I said “what stuff?” And he said “the stuff to fill those shelves” And I said “I don’t have anything to put on them.” To which B said, “soo…why did we buy these?” So now I have three shelves that I need to fill! I have a few ideas….

This book:

All the buildings in New YorkThis camera:


This frame:

Frame-001With this card:

CardThis metal sign:

Millenium Falcon-001This vase:

puckr-tall-copper-vaseWith orchids:

Orchid-001And that’s it so far! I still think I’m going to have space to fill after…I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to buying stuff like this! Any thoughts or ideas? Happy Thursday!

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