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Felt bannerI did it! It’s finished! I mentioned this in J’s inspiration birthday post, but I had seen a similar banner on Anthropologie’s website, but it was sold out. Undeterred, I decided I could make a similar one on my own, and I did! I was really pleased with how it turned out. I am putting it on the shelf of J’s room after we use it as decoration for his birthday party.

So here’s how I did it:

First, select a bunch of different colored felts:


Second, fold each piece of felt in half and cut lengthwise like so:


Third, cut 1 inch strips horizontally until you have a bunch of stacks like this:

IMG_4485Then fold each horizontal piece of felt in half (I folded as I went) like this:

IMG_4504And then lay another piece of felt on top folded the opposite direction like this:

Folded feltThen you are going to sew through the middle.

IMG_4506You will want a very full spool of thread, and while I didn’t do this, I would suggest using a cross stitch thread (because it is three plus threads in one, and it will make it sturdier).

You are going to continue doing this for what feels like forever:

IMG_4503-001You can create a pattern, but I did not. In fact I tried not to create a pattern, just haphazardly grabbing felt as I went, but not using the same color back to back.

To finish it, I made sure all the felt was tightly next to each other, then secured a button on each end, sewing it through several layers of the felt:

IMG_4607And then I twisted the felt a bit so it wasn’t one straight line:

Felt BannerAnd that’s it!


I used 27 pieces of felt to make a 6 and 1/2 foot banner.

Don’t worry if your felt pieces are not exactly the same width. Mine were a little bit different over the course of cutting the pieces, and it looked fine. I just made sure I didn’t have a lot of skinnier or thicker pieces all in one spot.

The banner is a bit heavy to hang (I used it more as a structure for decoration), but you can loop it over command hooks (I tried it).

I used a standard thread spool and needle, but as I said before, a thicker thread will give it a bit more substance.

Don’t forget to knot off the buttons so they are tied securely.

The great thing about it is if you want to make it longer later, you can re-string through the last end felt and create more links.

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