Feels like spring…

This weekend we…

Played the drums after bathtime:

How was your weekendLined up all of J’s tsum tsums to read Ten Rubber Ducks:

How was your weekendI’m going to tell you that James took this pictures and you’re not going to believe me because the image focus and bokah is that good.

The boys current obsession is Brain Pop, Jr. videos which are short 4 minute videos that teach you about different topics (math, science, history, etc.) and then you take a short quiz on them. They’re awesome:How was your weekend My Mom told A about these and now he’s hooked. It’s awesome to have a Granna who teaches Elementary School!

B and I watched The Martian on Friday night, and I’m not going to lie…it is a little like Castaway on Mars. Just saying.

How was your weekend

And when did PG-13 movies start allowing the use of the F-Bomb? Seriously?

On Saturday my nephew J was here for most of the morning, which J was SUPER excited about. I think it’s because my nephew plays Gi-Joe’s with J without telling him which ones he can and cannot use.

How was your weekend?B smoked pork for my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner, which was excellent. And it smelled like a campsite all day.  How was your weekendSpring is definitely back because our resident birds are attempting to nest in the columns of our front porch. So if you ever wonder why we have such classy foil hanging up in our columns this time of year….it’s because I hate birds. There. I said it. I’d say it again.

How was your weekendAnd again I have to sing the praises of Netflix that provides movies and Scooby Doo uninterrupted:  How was your weekendWhich always makes for a calm afternoon. Especially since J has decided he doesn’t need to nap at home anymore. WHY??!

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