Feels like 32

CakeI turned 32 on Friday, and I have a few pictures from my birthday if you would like to see….

A's handwriting My card from A, written by A. This was really my favorite present. I am so proud of how hard he is working on his handwriting! He really is growing up.

PresentsThe “Seriously, B” face that I’m sure B has to endure at least once a day. He’s a very understanding dude. HA!

CandyThe boys were certain that one of the packages was candy. J was even dancing around saying “oooh candy! CANDY!” However, it was not. It was a new lipgloss. Which is as good as candy when you are a girly-girl like myself.

Playing in the wrapping paperMy most surprising gift was a new jogging stroller. The boys loved the wrapping paper. I’m looking forward to being able to run (and when I say run I mean “walk briskly” and run for about two minutes…ha!) while pushing J in a stroller that I’m not tripping over.

Birthday times twoAnd after our first round of presents on Friday we had a party with my parents and sister’s family (featuring my favorite dinner: fajitas & guacamole).

Making my wishThirty-two feels great. So blessed and thankful!

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