Feels like 32

32This kid (the one on the left) is 32. How did we get to be 32? When I started blogging we were 27. Seriously! I love how excited the boys get about birthdays now. You really cannot even attempt to contain the excitement that surrounds birthdays and holidays for kids. You just crowd control to the best of your ability. They were standing on the window sills watching for everyone to arrive, dancing around at the prospect of hot dogs, beans, and cake, and proclaiming their excitement over every opened gift (even shorts, which to me was a bit of a stretch, but hey).

I don’t go too sentimental with these sorts of things, however when I started writing this post I couldn’t help but think about how I was telling a funny story at a dinner with friends the other night and it ended with “and then I met B at a party and we got married the same year, so it all worked out”. And then everybody laughed at the irony of my lead up story (that’s a story for another post…ha!), and then getting married to B in what some would consider a pretty short span of time. Eight years later, sharing birthdays with him, there’s no place I’d rather be.

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