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Garden beforeSo if you remember last year, I planted two new boxwood plants in our front garden bed and pulled out the dead plants. In this photo you can see me standing in the middle of a hot mess of scraggly plants that continued down that route for the next year. They were, I think, supposed to be ground cover, or maybe little bushes, but what they turned into was a bunch of weeds that popped up all over the front bed and I could never get them to not look messy.

Flash forward to this Spring:

Garden RefreshJ and I headed to Lowe’s to pick out new boxwoods, new ground cover, and new flowers. J is a surprisingly good plant selector, or at least quite a decisive one (“Pick that one, Mommy! Now let’s go to the water!”).

He also made a friend that I’ve got to put on my list to go back and pick up for him:

Weekend UpdateThe sunning turtle you see on the left, J talked about the whole way home.

After picking out two new boxwoods, four ground cover/grass-like plants, and four snapdragons, we were good to go:

Garden RefreshAnd headed home to start pulling out the old plants and place the new:

Garden RefreshJ loves to do these types of things, so he was right next to me pulling plants and digging holes for the new plants. He especially loved clearing away the dirt and I think we were pretty much covered in dirt by the end of it.

After filling three large contractor bags with the old plants we placed the new:

Garden RefershAnd managed to get them all planted before the rain:

Garden refresh Garden RefreshWe need to get some fresh mulch for the top, and I’m hoping my one little scraggly boxwood in the corner comes back, but it is definitely an improvement!

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