Feeding the Ducks

This weekend, we took a morning and went to one of our local parks to feed the ducks. I was not a fan of all of the geese (especially the ones that followed us around), but A really enjoyed it! His favorite part was feeding the fish, which amazed me because when we took him to the Tennessee Aquarium he had no interest in the fish at all! Things change quickly when you are two!

A friendly little duck who was happy to eat our bread.

A perfected the method of tossing the bread and then stepping back to let the duck get the piece of bread.

Look it’s Kate Plus 8! Hopefully their reality show won’t get canceled. Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

A loved the Momma duck and her ducklings and we followed them around until they started waddling through the geese. And then we were done. The geese chase you.

A decided to try yelling at the ducks. It was slightly windy that day.

The fish! They were leaping out of the water for the bread.

We moved to the bridge to get a better overall view of the fish and ducks.

Taking a rest on the bench and collecting sticks. A was refusing to look at the camera!

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